Is Microsoft Teams Coming of Age?

June 10, 2019 Leave a comment

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams turned 2 years old in March, and already has more than 500,000 organisations using it, with 150 organisations having 10,000 or more users, and supports 44 languages so far, and 91% of the Fortune 100 companies in the US are using the product.

Teams will soon be getting some exciting new features such as:

  • Using the new Intelligent Capture tool, Teams will focus, resize and enhance images and text on whiteboards, even when someone is standing in front of the content, so those watching remotely will see everything clearly.
  • The ability to hide the background in your webcam video and replace it with an alternative background, perhaps show an office environment when working from home, add a company logo, all enhancements to simply blurring the background to minimize distractions during conference calls.
  • For meeting participants who are deaf or hard of hearing, or have different levels of language proficiency, Teams will soon support live captions.

However cool and useful these features may become, and despite how much Teams is used already, there are some basic challenges that many organisations still face when looking to adopt Teams, particularly those who are already used to using SharePoint team sites and are looking to switch to Teams for their day-to-day team collaboration.

The challenges do not seem to be so much around what Teams can or can’t do per se, but mostly around what important features they will lose by switching from using SharePoint Team Sites to Teams, even though Teams brings a whole host of new features that don’t exist in SharePoint alone.

So, what are these missing features that concern them so much, and when will Teams be ready in their eyes?

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Announcements from the SharePoint Virtual Summit 2019

SharePoiint Virtual Summit 2019

The SharePoint Virtual Summit was broadcast again yesterday from the SharePoint Conference North America 2019 (Las Vegas). There are a load of new features that many people have been waiting a long time for, and we can now see SharePoint modern list and library experiences in Teams too!

Read on for many of the latest announcements from the summit.

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Microsoft Ignite 2018 – A SharePoint Perspective

October 8, 2018 Leave a comment

Microsoft Ignite has now passed, and we now have the details on what is coming in SharePoint Server 2019, and it is being released this month, October 2018!

I have prepared this briefing deck on Ignite from a SharePoint perspective, collating many of the news and announcements relating to SharePoint, starting with what was announced in SharePoint Server 2019.

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SharePoint Conference North America 2018 – Las Vegas

I was fortunate to be able to attend the SharePoint Conference North America 2018, and prepared a summary of some key announcements and takeaways in a presentation, and provided a briefer summary below.

The conference launched with a Keynote that was also broadcast as the SharePoint Virtual Summit 2018, which can still be viewed online.

Microsoft confirmed that both SharePoint Server 2019 & Project Server 2019 are to be released later this year, with previews this Summer, and gave some details of what will be included. The main focus areas for SharePoint Server 2019 are to provide a thoroughly modern experience and making hybrid easier, along with new Communication Sites, and providing OneDrive Files On-Demand.

There will also be a new SharePoint Home showing content relevant to sites you are active in or follow, team news bubbling up, and in O365 SharePoint Home will also be driven by the Microsoft Graph.

SharePoint Spaces introduces Virtual Reality into SharePoint via a web part that can be viewed on 2D screens or VR headsets. Some Power BI visualisations, e.g. representing data on a 3D map, looks like it may have some potential uses, but the other aspects currently look more like a technology looking for a use-case. While it is quite an achievement bringing VR into SharePoint, I think it will be some time before we see SharePoint Spaces used in many sites, and VR headsets as common tools in the office are surely even further away.

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Microsoft Ignite 2017 Conference Notes – SharePoint & Office 365

October 13, 2017 Leave a comment

I had the great opportunity to attend Ignite again this year, and it was another great event, packed with announcements and demos, and more great sessions than it is possible to attend.

I have now completed my slide deck to share my notes and included snippets from 13 conference decks (referenced) covering SharePoint and Office 365. The aim is to share what I picked up from the conference distilled into 1 deck.

The deck covers the following over 94 slides:

  • PowerApps
  • Microsoft Flow
  • SharePoint Designer Workflows & InfoPath
  • OneDrive For Business
  • Team Sites
  • Communication Sites
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Announcements from the SharePoint Virtual Summit 2017

For those who were unable to attend the SharePoint Virtual Summit today, while you wait for the recording to become available, or you are unable to watch the full recording, here are most of the announcements that I recorded from the event, and some links to other recent announcements also found in the Q&A.

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