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SharePoint 2010 Bug: Search results RSS feed (srchrss.aspx) ignores “Append Text To Query” (AppendedQuery) property

I described in a recent post how to pre-filter search results in SharePoint 2010 by configuring the search results web parts (CoreResultsWebPart and PeopleCoreResultsWebPart) using the “Append Text To Query” (AppendedQuery) property.

There is an unfortunate problem using this. The Search Action Links on the search results page optionally shows an RSS feed button so users can access an RSS feed of the search results which is delivered via a link to the srchrss.aspx page. However this RSS feed completely ignores any value configured in the “Append Text To Query” (AppendedQuery) property, and only passes through the query string values supplied to the search results page. So you get an RSS feed of all the search results that you would have got if you had not applied this filter on the search results web parts.

This makes the RSS feed useless if you need to apply the filter in this way so we have to turn off the RSS feed, or use an alternative approach to filtering the search results that works with the RSS feed.

Update 27 April, 2012: I have looked into this some more and found that the RSS feed also ignores any refinements that were selected on the page too. All it appears to use are the scope and the keywords for the search. However the Alert Me link next to the RSS feed link does use the “Append Text To Query” and the selected refinements.

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