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SharePoint & Yammer: Notes from the Microsoft Social Business Roadshow

I had the opportunity to attend the Microsoft Social Business Roadshow in London on 24th January 2013 where I was able to learn a bit more about why Microsoft bought Yammer and saw a very rough development roadmap for integrating Yammer with SharePoint. There seems to be quite a lot of interest in this where I work at Capgemini so perhaps others might find my notes useful.

The whole session was run over about 4.5 hours with some presentations by Microsoft staff and some with demos by Yammer staff. The Microsoft presentations unfortunately for me at least were of little interest as they did not focus on product but tried to introduce why Social is important today and how fast it is growing in popularity and use. After about 1.5 hours I started taking notes…

The original slides were not supplied so I am providing some of my own notes along with details that I managed to copy off the slides.

Key Benefit Areas of Going Social

The whole day focused on the following 4 areas where they feel business will benefit from going more social, using Yammer and SharePoint together:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Team Collaboration
  • Social Intranet
  • Business Agility

I won’t go into detail on these, but they are mentioned later on.

Current Integration with SharePoint

The details presented on how Yammer currently integrates with SharePoint were very light, and did not mention quite as much as appears on Yammer’s own web site, but the main integration points explained are as follows:

Yammer Web Part

Displays a feed for a particular Yammer Group.

Can add (link) documents into Yammer from within SharePoint. It respects document security, however you would need to ensure SharePoint permissions match Yammer group membership if you intend to share with everyone in the Yammer group.

Yammer Search Results Web Part

A federated search web part displaying Yammer messages alongside SharePoint search results.

Open Graph API

Yammer also provides an Open Graph API so LOB applications or custom SharePoint components can push updates into a Yammer feed.

For example, this Open Graph request…

… produces this update in a Yammer feed:

Why Did Microsoft Buy Yammer?

Enterprise Social  Best in class 
Rapid Innovation Experience
Weekly updates 
Unique Adoption Model  Viral appeals to end-users 

– Rich Collaboration Suite

– Social Networking

Yammer & SharePoint Roadmap

Today Tomorrow Future
Initial Level Integration Deeper rooted connections Fully connected experiences
Web Parts

Open Graph 




New experiences combining Social, Collaboration, eMail, Instant Messaging, Voice & Video 

Where Do Yammer & SharePoint Fit?

Yammer  SharePoint 
Software People Love  Platform Your IT Needs 
Consistent Development Truly Scalable Infrastructure 
Simple & Consistent  Advanced and Customisable 
Yammer  SharePoint 

Employee Engagement

Communicate & Share  Find Experts & Information 

Team Collaboration

Simple & Effective
Ad-Hoc Groups
Manage Projects, Tasks & Deliverables
Yammer  SharePoint 

Business Agility

Connected With
Anyone Anywhere
Discover Insight &
Make Decisions

Social Intranet

Dynamic Conversation  Structured Communications 

Yammer is now Included in Office 365


SharePoint Online

Office 365

Roadmap Summary

  • Yammer & SharePoint – The Core of the Social Platform
  • Social Layer – Powers the next generation of engaging experiences
  • Social is at the centre of everything we do

Useful Links

PR: Microsoft to Acquire Yammer

Yammer & SharePoint Integration

Yammer Plans & Pricing


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