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Yammer and SharePoint: Enterprise Social Roadmap Update

Following on from my previous comments in “SharePoint & Yammer: Notes from the Microsoft Social Business Roadshow“, Microsoft have given us an update via a SharePoint Blog post and also showed Yammer integration with Dynamics CRM as well.

Microsoft will “make Yammer the social layer across all of our products”, and are now firmly focussed on integrating with Office 365.

As mentioned previously, they are working on 3 levels of integration, simplest first, in summary:

  • Basic Integration – this Summer they will provide the option to replace the SharePoint newsfeed with Yammer, and will provide Yammer via the app store.
  • Deeper Connections – this Autumn/Fall, Yammer will have Single Sign On and seamless navigation with Office 365, and integrating Office Web Apps with Yammer.
  • Connected Experiences – early 2014 and roughly every 90 days, Office 365 will continue to be updated and more deeply integrated with Yammer, and will combine social, collaboration, email, instant messaging, voice, video, and line of business applications.

As we know, SharePoint Server for on-premise does not follow a 90-day release cycle and it won’t yet. These features will come to SharePoint Server but not in the same frequency as with Office 365. However this Summer should see that the Basic Integration already mentioned will arrive on SharePoint Server, and a number of other enhancements to Yammer including SSO should benefit integrating with SharePoint Server too.

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