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SharePoint 2010 Workaround: EditModePanel no longer supports ReadOnly users (pre-SP1)

July 12, 2011 5 comments

With SharePoint 2007 it was common to use the EditModePanel to display some content when the page is in Display mode, and perhaps output a different layout using another EditModePanel configured for Edit mode. This would often be used to change the HTML for editing purposes, for example if the edit mode required additional fields that required a variation on the layout, which could result in the same field being output in 2 places depending on the page mode.

Well for some reason that I cannot work out, and cannot seem to find out on the Internet, SharePoint 2010 has an updated EditModePanel that now checks the user’s permissions and will only show the content if the user has higher permissions than ReadOnly. That means, particularly for sites supporting anonymous access, ReadOnly users cannot see any content placed inside an EditModePanel, whether it is set for Display mode or Edit mode.

Having searched around for solutions, I came across this suggestion that seems to work fine, although it is not ideal, but is the only solution so far. The trick is to combine the EditModePanel with the AuthoringContainer. Read more…

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